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Sharpen your business skills through fake business. Think of it like practice. For all intensive purposes, all business is fake until a contract is signed.


Use a fake name, just call people and be whoever you want to be. People do it everyday, why aren't you?


Start a fake biz, start a pretend one. You can do everything in a real biz with less risk. Failing in a fake biz will prepare you for the real thing.

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Build a fake empire of whatever business you choose. Sharpen your skills before the time really matters to seal the deal.

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Once you get good at fake biz you have to lookup tax numbers, profit and loss, you have to know your stuff.

FakeBiz Team

We want to inspire all fake business pronouns of your choosing to become successful. We'll accomplish this through cryptocurrency because crypto fixes everything.

Sophia Cameron

The consultant

She's not real but she could be to someone who doesn't know any better.

George Vernon

The life coach

No one needs to really know or ever meet him in person. 


Theresa Simmons

Customer support

Bring in a friend to pretend to be customer support, your business you choose how far you want to take it 

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